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Getting Your Handgun Safety Certificate

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In the state of Florida, the law requires that you show proof of competency with a firearm to receive your concealed weapons license. To fulfill this requirement, applicants must submit a certificate of completion, or similar document, from an approved firearms training course.

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The Evolution of the GLOCK 19

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GLOCK's journey began in the Austrian military and police service in 1982, after being introduced by designer and founder, Gaston Glock. From the beginning, GLOCK pistols became famous for their safety and reliability.

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Improve Your Aim for 2018: Tips for Better Marksmanship

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Going into the new year, we often create resolutions and goals. If you're looking to improve your marksmanship in 2018, we have a few tips for you.

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5 Things You Learn from a Firearms Training Course

firearms training, Blackside Tactical, gun safety, firearms training course, firearms safety

At Blackside Tactical, we offer nine different training courses. Our knowledgeable and qualified instructors are passionate about teaching inexperienced and seasoned shooters the proper ways to handle, shoot, and clean firearms.

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What is the GLOCK Blue Label Program?

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Offered exclusively to those who are sworn to serve and protect across the nation, GLOCK’s Blue Label Program is one of the most popular choices for first responders purchasing firearms. This discount program offers GLOCK pistols to select occupations for a reduced price.

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