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How to Buy a Handgun Online

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During today’s times, almost everyone is shopping for everything online. You can purchase anything from your groceries to a car from the comfort of your own home. But what about purchasing a handgun online? While you can’t exactly have a handgun delivered to your front door, it is possible to purchase a firearm online. If you’re curious as to how this process works, it can be broken down into three basic steps: arrange transfer, complete the firearm purchase, and pickup.

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A Guide to Blackside Tactical Training Courses

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Blackside Tactical offers eight different training courses. These courses offer instruction and practice that is unique to the Blackside Tactical brand. With qualified and experienced instructors, all training courses at Blackside Tactical offer students a chance to gain exceptional knowledge and participate in exclusive exercises.

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Why You Should Take a Concealed Weapons Class

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Obviously a concealed weapons license allows you to carry a concealed weapon, but the benefits of a training course go beyond that. The course can provide a lot of information that can help you understand how firearms work, how to handle one safely, and what the laws are in your state. Even if you don’t plan on ever carrying a gun, it’s recommended that you take a concealed weapons training course as it can clear up any misconceptions that’s portrayed in politics and the media. A concealed weapons class can open your eyes to understanding what firearms are and what they are not.

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9mm Glock: How Does It Work

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When shopping around for a firearm, whether it’s to be used for home defense or carried as a concealed weapon, people often hear a 9mm Glock handgun as a suggestion. If you’re new to the world of firearms, or getting introduced to concealed carry practices, you may not be familiar with how a 9mm Glock operates.

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Top 5 Handguns for Women

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While items don't always have to be differentiated for men and women, sometimes it's more convenient for women to shop a list of firearms that are easier to carry concealed and shoot in high-stress situations. This list is based women looking for a pistol for self-defense.

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