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Blackside Tactical's Manifest Destiny

Posted by Blackside Tactical on February 23, 2018

Manifest Destiny was a phrase coined in 1845 to express the widely spread idea that the United States must inevitably expand westward. This expansion to the West was spurred by the Louisiana Purchase, which almost doubled the size of the United States. A growing national population drove people to seek new land and, ultimately, new opportunities.



What does this have to do with Blackside Tactical?

During the several years of Blackside's operation, the company has grown exponentially. After our very own Louisiana Purchase, the acquisition of the B&H brand, we found ourselves growing larger than our current walls can hold.

Because of our new partnerships and continuing successes, Blackside Tactical is expanding and heading "West." As a company, we are fulfilling our own Manifest Destiny.

On February 28th, we are closing up our store and heading out to find new land! We would never leave our favorite customers (YOU) hanging. After February 28th, visit our sister location at 235 E. Merritt Island Cswy, Merritt Island, FL 32952.

Until then, we are having a HUGE 6-day EXPANSION CELEBRATION! This is going to be your last chance to scoop up that firearm, holster, safe, accessory, box of ammo, or whatever you've had your eye on at Blackside Tactical. In an effort to help our best customers (YOU again) get in to our store before February 28th, we will be opening on SUNDAY, February 25th!

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