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Defensive Handgun Training at Blackside Tactical

Posted by Blackside Tactical on January 30, 2018

Unfortunately, the world we live in can be scary place. Because of this, people are seeking ways to protect themselves and their families. According to a 2013 poll, 60 percent of people who purchase a firearm do so for defensive or "personal safety" reasons.

More often than not, people purchase firearms for defensive reasons but do not know how to safely handle a handgun or accurately fire one. When owning a handgun, it's important that you know basic handgun safety and how to effectively use one in case the appropriate situation arises. To acquire help handgun owners acquire this knowledge and skill, Blackside Tactical offers a series of educational defensive handgun training courses. These four different courses build on each other, allowing students to become more advanced in marksmanship and tactics.

Blackside Tactical's Defensive Handgun Courses

defensive handgun training

Lawful Concealed Carry Training Course

If you're interested in applying for your concealed weapons license, you're required to show proof of competency with a firearm. This proof is shown with a certificate of completion from an approved firearms safety course.

Our concealed carry course does more than just show you how to safely handle a firearm. The Lawful Concealed Carry Course at Blackside Tactical gives students a clear understanding of Florida concealed laws, including carrying a firearm on your person, in your vehicle, and what to do after deadly force is used.

Basic Handgun Training Course

If you're looking to get some live fire practice under your belt, this class is the perfect place to start. Our experienced instructors walk students through firearms safety and nomenclature, fundamentals of marksmanship, handgun loading, and how to handle critical incident stress. This basic defensive handgun course allows shooters to become more comfortable handling and manipulating a firearm.

A review left from a student read, "My husband and I had taken the beginning hand gun course with Chris and would highly recommend it. Both Chris and Cliff, the second trainer helping, were incredibly knowledgeable and well qualified. We had a thorough training, both in classroom, and at the range. We learned terminology and drilled in both semi-automatic hand gun and revolver shooting. I have always been intimidated by all the moving parts of semi automatic handguns and 'racking the slide.' After taking this course, I feel way more comfortable with them and would like to continue learning and practicing with then. Oh, and a fun thing they had us do at the end of the course was to split a playing card that was placed on the target vertically. It sounds impossible, but I think we all got it! Very professional and worthwhile training."

Intermediate Handgun Training Course

Expanding on the skills learned in the Basic Handgun Training Course, students begin to incorporate the use of a holster and learn how to deal with malfunctions. Subjects covered in this intermediate defensive handgun training course include:

  • Drawing from a holster
  • Safely re-holstering
  • In battery and out of battery reloads
  • Tactical reloads
  • Malfunctions clearance

Advanced Handgun Training Course

Students are challenged to take their tactical skills up a notch with Blackside Tactical's Advanced Handgun Training Course. Under the guidance of our knowledgeable instructors, students learn ready positions, moving and shooting, unorthodox shooting positions, one-handed shooting, one-handed reloading, and shooting from cover and concealment.

If you'd like to get signed up for one of the defensive handgun training courses at Blackside Tactical, send us an email!

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