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Insider’s Guide to the GLOCK Gen5

Posted by Blackside Tactical on November 10, 2017

People are quick to think that the GLOCK Generation 5 is exactly the same as the Generation 4. However, the Gen5 has over 20 modifications to design and functionality that sets it apart from its predecessor. Get all the scoop on the new GLOCK Gen5 here:

What’s Different about the Gen5?

Through these 20 changes and improvements, GLOCK Gen5 pistols are now more durable, accurate, flexible, and have better performance and control. So, what changed?


Goodbye Finger Grooves

In an effort to deliver a more comfortable grip, the finger grooves have been removed from the GLOCK 17 and 19 Gen5. This is feature that GLOCK fans are praising. In addition to comfort, the lack of finger grooves also adds more control and the ability for more consumers to handle the pistol appropriately.

Featuring a Flared Magazine Well

When every second counts, quick and easy magazine changes are crucial. The GLOCK Gen5 pistols now feature a flared mag-well. This larger opening in the mag-well allows the ejecting and reloading of magazines to be easier than ever. According to Sean Curtis, an experienced law enforcement professional who tested the GLOCK Gen5, the flared mag-well made his reloads “a lot faster” and “more assertive.” Learn more about why most law enforcement carries GLOCK pistols, here.

Additionally, the GLOCK 19 Gen5 and GLOCK 17 Gen5 have a half-moon cutout in the mag-well to help retrieve stuck and stubborn magazines.

A Slide Stop for Righty’s and Lefty’s

The slide stop on the GLOCK 17 Gen5 and GLOCK 19 Gen5 is now ambidextrous. This means that both shooters who are left-handed and shooters that are right-handed are able to smoothly and comfortably operate the slide. Lefties are still able to manipulate the magazine release and switch to a left-handed grip.

Step Up Your Shot with the GLOCK Marksman Barrel

All-new rifling and crown in the GLOCK Gen5 barrel delivers a more accurate shot. In previous generations, GLOCK used polygonal rifling. This more traditional rifling will benefit all shooters, both beginners and experienced, with more accuracy.

Protect Your Pistol with a nDLC Finish

Changed for improved durability, the GLOCK Gen5 has a new finish named “nDLC.” Standing for “nano Diamond-like Carbon”, this type of material receives its name from the effects that display typical properties of diamonds. Properties like hardness, resistance to wear and tear, and a smooth slickness. This new finish is said to help protect your GLOCK pistol from corrosion and scratching.

Don’t Fix What Ain’t Broken, Right?

There are several things that GLOCK did not change in the release of a new generation. The standard sights on the GLOCK Gen5 are the same as the Gen4. You will also still be able to use Gen4 magazines on the Gen5.

One thing to keep in mind: the new ambidextrous slide stop lever may mean your GLOCK Gen4 holster will not fit the Gen5. The compatibility depends upon the height of your right-handed holster.

Are you ready to add an GLOCK Gen5 to your collection? You can see the new GLOCK Gen5 yourself at Blackside Tactical.

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